You would be shocked at how backward [music publishers] are. Some didn't even use word processors.

Jonathan Finn, on trying to sell Sibelius 7, his computer programme for musical notation, Times

It's flawless. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I was mesmerised by it. It was like seeing a great piece of art, and I lost my edge.

Ruby Wax, interviewer, on Pamela Anderson's body, Radio Times

After the show, my dad's response was, "Don't swear so much." I said, "Is that it?" He said, "No, it was good and that. But don't swear so much."

Lee Evans, comedian, on his father's reaction to his first show at the Palladium, Telegraph

Fear of being crap.

Ewan McGregor, star of Trainspotting, on what motivates him as an actor, Time Out

It's like going to a mortuary to identify a corpse.

Massimo Nalesso, house bassoonist, on visiting the shell of La Fenice, Times

It's very Zeffirelli, isn't it?

Extra in the Albert Hall's centenary production of La Boheme, Evening Standard

I never heard of anyone going up to Ingmar Bergman and saying, "Mr Bergman, why is it your films only deal with Swedish culture?"

Spike Lee, film-maker, answering accusations of inverse racism, Time Out