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"Glamour is in sharp contrast between night and day. You can't go around with too much decoration during the day. Day clothes have to be fun, they have to have style, but they need to be wearable. At night, it's okay to wear a fabulous dress."

Donatella Versace (right), i-D

"I seem to remember there was a fight over a Valentino dress. It was hysterical."

Mimi Driver on tensions during a 'Vanity Fair' Hollywood actresses photo session, Vogue

"They did recycled fur wigs for Martin Margiela, and are now doing these pieces which they call 'articles'. They're all numbered and can be worn or used as accessories. Multi-use, interactive clothing - that's what I'm thinking about now."

Fashion-buyer Monserrat Mukherjee on Berlin label, Bless, Vogue

"I looked around at the company in that room, all beautifully dressed American women - busy, professional, highly groomed and not necessarily model size, and wondered: 'Who actually is dressing them? Who helps, and who doesn't? Are designers and

manufacturers focused enough on the reality of these customers' lives, and what could they be doing to make fashion more accessible to these women?'"

'Harper's Bazaar' editor, Liz Tilberis, gets curious at a Chanel charity fashion show

"Well, it's actually a whole range of pale blue T-shirts with dogs' heads on. It's been an ambition of mine. I ended up making them myself on the computer at home."

Jarvis Cocker (right) on his latest fashion statement, i-D

"I flick-flack along the pavement with all the grace of Jemima Puddleduck. And I keep thinking I'm going to topple over backwards like a Weeble in places where walking properly is an absolute must (Harvey Nichols Food Hall, for instance)."

Mimi Spencer on the delights of wearing flat shoes, the Evening Standard

"I'm an old one now. I do the shows and I'm

surrounded by all these 16-year-olds. Perhaps I'm over and done with."

Model Erin O'Connor, 20, the face of Chanel, Vogue

"Women are sexy, not shoes."

Manolo Blahnik's views on the flat shoes debate, Harper's Bazaar

"Carolyn Park came to my show looking like Chewbacca. She turned up with some ridiculous men telling me they were designers from Ethiopia, offering me cocaine in the toilets!"

A designer's complaint to the wild Yorkshire model's agency, Elle

"Strength. There's nothing more erotic than a woman in a two-piece suit."

Alexander McQueen (right) on what his designs suggest, i-D

"I hate to take advantage of anyone - that's the most horrible thing a photographer can do to a girl."

Photographer Mario Testino, Vogue

"She wanted us to give them to her for free, but this is impossible. We have no money!"

Whacky haute-couture duo Viktor & Rolf on why they couldn't give Madonna free outfits

"The spider has long been a symbol of the female imagination. Until recently, women writers and thinkers, less educated than their male counterparts, were forced to draw upon their inner resources rather than acquired knowledge, just as the spider draws its web from within."

Why it's okay to wear flimsy cobweb dresses, the Observer