Either a breath of fresh air, or in need of some... you decide.

"Fashion's so easy and comfortable these days, maybe we need a little torture to keep us sharp."

Liz Tilberis, US Harper's Bazaar

"Two years after her ambitious debut, Stella has used her connections, her name - and some say her talent - to secure the job of chief designer at the Paris fashion house Chloe."

Angela Mollard and Christian Gysin, Daily Mail

"A few times I was late taking my kids to school and I just threw on a cashmere sweater over my PJs and continued my day like that until 5pm... Now that's freedom."

Lisa Eisher, US Harper's Bazaar, talking about style rules in LA

"This collection was based on Voodoo and the Gunpowder Plot."

Antonio Berardi, ID, talking about his current collection

"But long before the beach beckons, they are finding a place under spring's diaphanous layers as the smart woman's alternative to big knickers - one of fashion's sillier solecisms."

Brenda Polan, Daily Mail, talking about shorts

"Is that a real woman?" asks a short mother of two in a Gap sweater examining an Avedon photo of a Fifties model. "Sure it is," says her friend confidently. "Look at that neck."

Katherine Betts eavesdropping at the couture shows, US Harper's Bazaar

"Phoebe is going to the loo the way the beautiful do in Antonioni films, without bothering to close the door."

Dina Rabinovitch, Guardian, talking about Stella McCartney's assistant

"That's the nicest thing about sheer. Wear enough of it, and it's not."

Marina Rust, US Harper's Bazaar

"I saw beautifully dressed young editors - several, I'm happy to say, from Vogue..."

Noticed at the shows by Anna Wintour, US Vogue

"It would be nice to see someone in your magazine who has not only beauty, but also brains, strength and ethics. Sadly, I can't think of many, can you?"

Reader's letter, US Vogue

"I nearly puked on The Face this month. Assuming that the majority of your readers have more than two brain cells and aren't mass murderers, voyeurs or child abusers, some of the so-called 'high fashion' photographs are shockingly insensitive."

Reader's letter, The Face

"This is a magazine about questions... but are you ready to be bombarded with questions?... What made you get out of bed this morning? Do you have a mission, or were you pushed?... When was the last time you cried?... Then ask yourself if you care."

Jefferson Hack, Dazed And Confused, obviously