Last week Simon Calder gave them the thumbs up ...
I strongly recommend Simon Calder to opt for a package holiday in some of Britain's resorts in order to find out, what "grotty" really means!

He might also discover that the resorts here (and a lot of them abroad) are "full of fat Britons". This may sound incredible to someone who prefers to use outdated, stereotypical images that point the finger at foreign nationals. Unfortunately, holiday resorts in this country are now full of fat Britons, and often hideously tattooed bare bellies through the shopping areas adjoining the beaches. Gross! And when you consider how foul-mouthed, arrogant and ignorant a lot of them are, here and over there, I think I'd rather share my package holiday with those "fat Germans" in those "grotty" resorts.

The point I'm trying to make is, why was it deemed necessary to include a derogatory remark about "the Germans" in this caption? As it isn't funny, it must be for financial gains!

Disappointedly yours,

Rita Matha

Wool, Dorset

While recovering from a broken leg, and noticing grey hairs, the routine of attacking Munroes and fell-walking slipped away.

However, this March a holiday package offered the chance of getting to the hills with serious intent, plus considerable comfort. Farthing Holidays skilfully transported a coach-load from Kent to a pleasant hotel near Cockermouth.

My hill walking around Eskdale and Horton was superb and the inclusive charge was only moderately more than normal petrol cost.

If my similar October package to the Spey Valley is just as magical, I might once again, in old age, grab a few Munroes.

Yours faithfully

Ken Samels

Maidstone, Kent

I need a package holiday like I need a hole in the head. Recently I spent pounds 500 on a long distance package run by down-market operators. It was a traumatic experience. Most people on that coach would have been more at home on a day trip to Blackpool.

To lure the morons to a four-star hotel is good business. NOT to do so spells bankruptcy. Package tours are an abomination.

William Johnston


Holiday operators have proved to us time and again their skills in purchasing travel, hotel accommodation for sale as a package, often with agreement to supply board at special rates.

We have delighted in visiting a variety of countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, at remarkable prices.

Thomson rate very highly, pity they are more pricey.

Yours sincerely,

O. Shipper