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Her face seems oddly familiar...

That's Katherine Jackson, mother to Michael and matriarch of the most famous family in pop. She was reported missing by her nephew Trent Jackson on Saturday, but police have now confirmed that the 82-year-old is safe with a family member in Arizona. Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Mark Pope said investigators had made contact with Mrs Jackson but that he did not have specifics on her whereabouts.

Sounds like a bit of a fuss over nothing.

Mrs Jackson's son Jermaine would undoubtedly agree. In a statement, the Jackson 5 singer said his mother was with his sister Rebbie, resting on doctor's orders after having a mini-stroke. "It is beyond me how she can be reported 'missing'," he added. However, Michael Jackson's children, of whom Mrs Jackson is the legal guardian, said they had lost contact with their grandmother for a week. The singer's 14-year-old daughter Paris even sent out a Tweet confirming that Mrs Jackson was missing on Sunday morning.

All sounds a little fishy to me...

What's even fishier is that Mrs Jackson's brief disappearance came as a battle was brewing over her son's will, in which she and her three grandchildren are named the sole beneficiaries to the estate. Some family members, including Rebbie as well as her pop star sister, Janet, have claimed the will was faked.

So what now?

It's anyone's guess. But Paris for one isn't happy. Referencing Dr Conrad Murray, who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter over her father's death, she tweeted: "The same doctor that testified on behalf of Dr Murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother...just saying."