Sons and daughters around the world turned to Amazon in the hope of finding inspiration for mother's day gifts, making it the most Googled phrase in Products over the seven days prior to May 6.

This year Americans, Australians and many Europeans will celebrate Mother's Day on May 8, and many are feeling the pressure to find presents and turning to Google for assistance, making "mother's day gifts" the most searched for term around the world within the Products category according to Google Insights.

Mother's Day is acknowledged as a time to celebrate one's mother and occurs on different dates throughout March, April, May and June around the world. The event has already been celebrated in the UK on April 3, and is due to be celebrated in France and Sweden on May 29. A full list of dates for Mother's Day 2011 around the world can be found via: or .  

Retailers such as are offering last-minute Mother's Day deals via:, and has selected a number of suitable gifts for mothers which are available via:

The top ten search terms with the most significant growth worldwide, in the last seven days, in the category Products  as measured by Google Insights, recorded on May 6 were:

01. mother's day gifts (+250%)
02. microsoft points (+120%)
03. dampfbügeleisen (+80%)  - German for ‘steam iron'
04. overstock (+60%)
05. samsung galaxy s2 (+60%)
06. tiara (+60%)
07. bar stools (+50%)
08. royal wedding (+50%)
09. yahoo mail (+50%)
10. schweizer taschenmesser (+40%) - German for ‘Swiss army knives'