New motor-racing games abound, but with so many on the track, can Castrol Honda Superbike World Championship force its competitors back into the shadows?

The game brings the World Championship-winning superbike, the Castrol Honda, onto your machine for a test-run. Although the competition side of the game is unoriginal, it is the first time one superbike has been the basis for a whole game. This means it must really captivate the player to overcome the lack of variation in the game, and, unfortunately, it doesn't really succeed.

The choice of bikes is restricted to just one, and there are only 13 tracks to race it on. Compare this with a driving game like Gran Turismo, where you have the choice of around 80 cars, and a host of tracks, and you can see why Castrol Honda doesn't quite quench your thirst for action.

The in-game options are also pretty limited. You have the mediocre choice of racing in the Championship, in a one- or two-player single race, or in a multi-player network game. You can tune up your bike as you wish, but that's about it.

To its credit, the chance to do wheelies is a nice touch, and the graphics are very accurate, but they come at a price. The minimum system requirements are a Pentium 133MHz computer with a 3D graphics accelerator card. Unless you have all this, do not buy the game.

But none of this is enough to make it a hit. Castrol Honda looks doomed to be just another unfortunate racing game that never made it out of the garage.

On release, pounds 29.99