Dark Reign

(activision) cd-rom

So you thought Red Alert was the last word in military-based strategy games? Well think again, because Activision have taken the genre a stage further with : the Future of War.

The game is set hundreds of years in the future. You control a Togran soldier (don't ask), whose job it is to go back in time and build an army capable of defeating both sides in an intergalactic civil war. All sounds fairly straightforward, doesn't it?

isn't as user friendly as Red Alert, but it has the edge over Westwood's game in terms of depth, with a wider range of structures, vehicles and weapons.The missions are also more challenging, requiring you to utilise factors such as terrain and elevation. The inclusion of full-motion video sequences and a stunning orchestral soundtrack give the game a cinematic quality which allows you to really immerse yourself in your role.

If you are after a game which provides easy thrills then probably isn't for you. However, it will provide much greater long-term satisfaction. The choice is yours.

Released: now, pounds 34.99

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