The number of role-playing games is constantly rising. Sadly for PC owners, games that are intended for PC and PlayStation are generally released first on the console, and Final Fantasy VII is no exception. Following its huge success on the PlayStation, what must be the most hyped game ever released has at last been unleashed on the home computer.

The storyline is that an evil power company, Shinra Inc, has discovered a way to mine the Earth of its precious energy and use it to control the universe. However, surprise of all surprises, a rebel group, Avalanche, has been formed to defeat Shinra and restore peace. You take the role of Cloud, who joins Avalanche to help in its quest. As you travel along, you meet many other characters who can assist you in your goal of destroying Shinra.

The main reasons for this title's great success on the PlayStation were its ease of play and the large interactive area, which allowed up to 50 hours' gaming. This was coupled with amazing backdrops, a futuristic setting, and enough plot twists to make even Agatha Christie confused. Now that it is on PC, the graphics are even more refined, and the game runs a little faster.

Unfortunately, this comes at a price. If you have less than a P166, and do not have 300Mb free, then you will not be able to play this great game.

From the many characters and variety of vehicles, to the incredible graphics and complex stories, this is the ultimate in role-playing games.

On release, pounds 39.99