The PC market is awash with real-time military strategy games, and now Mindscape have entered the fray with their new title, Human Onslaught.

For the most part, the developers have stuck to a tried-and-tested formula; the player begins with a small number of units and must try to build up an army capable of defeating the enemy. This is done through the collection and management of various resources, which can either be used to construct buildings and vehicles or converted into cash.

There are two things which separate this game from others of the same ilk; the first is that there are four different campaigns in which you can control soldiers from four very different races. Each race has its own characteristics and skills, and these effect the nature of the warfare. The other unique aspect of the game is the emphasis it places on resource management. In this respect it's more like Sim City or Civilisation than Red Alert.

While the user interface could be clearer and the visuals smartened up, this game offers a depth of gameplay not found in many of its competitors. Most of the units can be trained up to perform specialised tasks and there's plenty of variety in the missions. The price you pay for this extra depth is a loss of simplicity; this isn't the sort of game you can just pick up and play, you really have to work at it.

Though perhaps too cerebral for some, Human Onslaught is sure to be a hit with strategy lovers.

On release, pounds 39.99