Percentages - the definitive guide

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1% of men aged 25-34 have lost all their natural teeth.

2% of households have only a black-and-white television.

3% of men aged 65-74 are bachelors.

4% of households have three or more cars or vans.

5% of females aged 30-34 live with their parents.

6% of men attend keep-fit or yoga classes.

7% of females over the age of 16 are divorced.

8% of working males have clerical or secretarial jobs.

9% of males aged 14-25 have tried the drug Ecstasy.

10% of married women earn over pounds 100 a week more than their partner.

11% of males aged 30-34 live with their parents.

12% of people live alone.

13% of girls aged 11-15 are regular smokers.

14% of females read Woman's Own.

15% of females aged 14-25 never make meals for their family.

16% of smokers have their first cigarette of the day within five minutes of waking up.

17% of single women rely on condoms for contraception.

18% of 37-year-olds have been assessed as having low literacy.

19% of men aged 55-64 have none of their natural teeth left.

20% of households have a dishwasher.

21% of the population are under 16.

22% of women who have turned down promotion did so because they didn't want the responsibility.

23% of 16-24-year-olds have visited a historic building in the last month.

24% of women say they experience no stress in daily living.

25% of women aged 14-25 have tried cannabis.

26% of working women have clerical or secretarial jobs.

27% of men have no qualifications.

28% of women aged 18-49 are single.

29% of 45-59-year-olds have eaten in a fast food restaurant in the last month.

30% of two-parent families with dependent children live in terraced houses.

31% of males over 16 are single.

32% of people have a long-standing illness.

33% of women experience "a lot" or "a good bit" of stress in daily living.

34% of women borrow from the library more than once a month.

35% of the population live in two-person households.

36% of 20-24-year-old females live with their parents.

37% of men aged 55-64 experience no stress in daily life.

38% of employees earn less than pounds 5 an hour.

39% of single women have no sexual partner.

40% of the population snore.

41% of males aged 14-25 have tried cannabis.

42% of males aged 14-25 always clean their own rooms.

43% of over-15s occasionally eat in a fast-food restaurant.

44% of 25-35-year-olds have been to a disco in the last month.

45% of women do some gardening.

46% of manual workers say they go for regular dental check-ups.

47% of 37-year-olds have been assessed to have low numeracy.

48% of the population are under 35.

49% of adults have a building society account.

50% of women over 75 are widowed.

51% of drivers use unleaded petrol.

52% of males aged 14-25 never wash their own clothes.

53% of boys aged 11-15 have never smoked a cigarette.

54% of married men earn over pounds 100 a week more than their partner.

55% of women over 16 are economically active.

56% of females over 16 are married.

57% of men do some DIY.

58% of over-16s are married.

59% of 18-year-old females are in education or training.

60% of 18-year-old males are in education or training.

61% of men over 16 are married.

62% of 45-59-year-olds have been to a pub in the last month.

63% of over-75s are women.

64% of over-75s have no teeth.

65% of over-15s drink in pubs.

66% of single women over 16 are economically active.

67% of 18-24-year-old women are in employment.

68% of smokers would like to give up altogether.

69% of women over 16 wear glasses or contact lenses.

70% of men aged 18-24 have a job.

71% of households have a car or van.

72% of adults have experienced no period of unemployment greater than a month.

73% of women aged 16-49 use a method of contraception.

74% of all journeys are made by car.

75% of adults have a current bank account.

76% of sexual offences in England and Wales are cleared up by the police.

77% of cases of violence against the person are cleared up by police.

78% of children have a sibling.

79% of households have a video recorder.

80% of females aged 14-25 do the household shopping sometimes.

81% of single-parent families have central heating.

82% of convicted males over the age of 10 have fewer than 10 previous convictions.

83% of us watch television each day for at least three minutes.

84% of GP consultations on the NHS take place in the doctor's surgery.

85% of convicted females in England and wales are under 35.

86% of households have central heating.

87% of 16-34-year-olds have no premium bonds.

88% of married men aged 16-64 are economically active.

89% of households have a deep freezer.

90% of teenagers have given money to charity in the last year.

91% of men listen to the radio.

92% of secondary schools have some sort of link with local businesses.

93% of households have a telephone.

94% of women aged 16-44 have no difficulty hearing.

95% of households have a washing machine.

96% of women have entertained or visited friends in the last month.

97% of households have colour TV.

98% of households have fewer than six members.

99% of people watch television more than once a month.

100% of us sometimes suffer from information overload.