WOOLWICH IS launching a new four-year mortgage, with a capped rate of 5.99 per cent and no extended penalty period. The loan allows a 10 per cent annual capital reduction without penalty - but a redemption penalty of six months' interest applies until April 2003 for full repayment. A pounds 295 application fee is payable. Call 0345 454445.

HSBC ASSET Management has added a new income roll-up option to its five- year Capital Protected Plan. It allows a target annual income of 7.25 per cent and includes single and general PEP options, allowing up to pounds 9,000 to be invested. Call 0800 289505.

EXCLUSIVE MORTGAGES Direct is offerng a 5 per cent mortgage fixed for five years, with a 1 per cent cashback. Alternatively, the five-year fix is 5.99 per cent, with a 3 per cent cashback. Call 0800 7833876.