Chase de Vere, the mortgage broker, is offering five-year fixed loans for "Buy-to-Let" properties, pegged at 6.95 per cent until June 2003. The minimum loan is pounds 75,000 and the maximum is pounds 500,000, at up to 80 per cent of a home's value. Redemption penalties are three months' interest for the first six years. The lender will, however, charge a 1 per cent fee, to be added to the cost of the loan. Call 0171-930 7242.

Eagle Star Direct is offering travel insurance over the internet. The cover offers 24-hour e-mail and phone support. Customers can obtain information about the cover and buy it online. Policies available include cover for individuals and couples, for single trips or annually. Website address:

Alliance & Leicester is offering capped-rate mortgages, where the loan is guaranteed not to rise above 6.25 per cent until 2002 on loans up to 75 per cent of a home's value. If mortgage rates should fall, the cost of the loans would also drop by the same amount. Alliance & Leicester is also offering a refund of valuation fees and a pounds 250 cashback on applications received before 30 May. Redemption penalties of six months' gross interest are applied on part or full repayments before July 2005. An extra three months is applied on redemptions in the first two years. Call 0845 3033000.

Mercury Asset Management is extending its 2 per cent discount on lump sum investments into its personal equity plan (PEP) funds until the end of the PEP season in April 1999, including its Income Fund, British Blue Chip Fund and European Growth Fund. Call 0800 445522.

Leeds & Holbeck is offering a new fixed-rate bond, maturing on 30 June 2000, paying 7.5 per cent gross on investments above pounds 25,000. Deposits up to pounds 9,999 will earn 7 per cent gross. Monthly income options are also available. One emergency withdrawal of up to 25 per cent of depositors' cash may be made. Call 0500 225777.

Islamic Investment Banking Unit (IIBU), part of the United Bank of Kuwait, is improving the terms for Manzil, the home purchase plan conforming to the principles of Islam. The Banking Unit is reducing its profit margin on transactions, which it says would give buyers savings of up to pounds 40 a month on a 15-year Manzil for a home valued at pounds 80,000. Under the terms of the loan, the IIBU buys the property from the vendor and sells it on to the buyer, bypassing the need for usury. The cost of the home, when it is sold, reflects additional admin expenses plus a profit made by IIBU on the sale. Call 0171-487 6626.

Western Provident Association is launching a new level of health and healthcare cover, Rowan, aimed at filling the gap between its Oak and Cedar policies. Rowan covers in-patient treatment, some scans, and radio/ chemotherapy. Payments are also made towards some types of outpatient care. Typical premiums for a 25-year-old male, living in London, would be pounds 342 a year. A family of four in Taunton would pay pounds 751. Call 0500 414243.

Furness Building Society has launched a five-year fixed-rate mortgage pegged at 6.5 per cent for loans worth 80 per cent or less of a home's value. The loan includes unemployment cover, backdated to the first day, for the first 12 months. An early repayment fee of 5 per cent of the loan applies. Interest is calculated monthly. Call 0800 834312.