NEWCASTLE BUILDING Society is offering a four-year fixed rate mortgage at 6.2 per cent, fixed until 31 December 2002. There are no early redemption penalties after that date and a free standard house valuation is included. Maximum loans are up to 90 per cent of valuation and one Newcastle insurance product is required.

A RANGE of fixed-rate mortgages is being launched by Norwich & Peterborough, from 5.24 per cent fixed for two years, 5.74 per cent for three years, 6.39 per cent for four years and 6.59 per cent for five years, all up to 85 per cent of valuation. Loans up to 90 per cent of valuation are on offer at 5.74 per cent, 6.39 per cent, 6.59 per cent and 6.74 per cent respectively. Five months interest is charged if loans are redeemed within five years.

EXCLUSIVE MORTGAGE Partnership (EMP), part of Mortgage 2000, has launched a two-year fixed-rate mortgage at 6.99 per cent with no redemption penalties after the fixed-rate period has elapsed. There are no admin or completion fees, and mortgages of up to 100 per cent of valuation are on offer. Call 0800-7833876.

ZURICH IS offering a special car insurance deal for the over-fifties, called Fifty-PLUS Solutions, which offers free home-call breakdown cover as well as automatic 24 hour roadside breakdown cover from Green Flag. Until 31 December it is also offering a mobile phone, with 12 months free line rental, up to 50 minutes' free off-peak calls each month and a car charger, for pounds 89.99. Offer available only through brokers.

ALLIANCE & LEICESTER is offering Millennium Plus, a new one-year bond paying a guaranteed 6.9 per cent which will convert on 31 October 1999 to a base rate tracker paying 0.5 per cent below base rate until the end of December 2000. Minimum investment is pounds 1,000, interest is payable annually or monthly and money can be withdrawn without notice or penalty after the fixed rate ends.

FLEMINGS IS offering a European High-Yield Bond Fund to invest in government debt in countries likely to join the single currency and Euro-denominated corporate debt. The target return is the yield on the Salomon Brothers EMU government bond index plus 3 per cent. The minimum investment is $5,000 equivalent. Call 0171-880-3371.

FOLGATE INSURANCE is offering a comprehensive travel insurance package for the UK's 6.2m disabled people. Call 0171-446-7626.

MICROSOFT MONEY 99 Financial Suite, a new financial organiser system, is on offer in high street retailers at pounds 49.99. It offers a complete on- line banking service, keeps a check on spending and helps pay bills on time and plan investments.