Phew! Smells like summer's here

The heat is on, and sweaty trainers line Britain's window sills again. But there are better ways of keeping your feet sweet
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THERE REALLY is nothing so repulsive as the smell of sweaty feet. For some reason it's a condition that manifests itself at its most deadly on men, in summer, in trainers. Unspeakable smells rising from way down below, putrefying the sweetest of occasions. According to Scholl's podiatrist, Falguni Raja, trainers get particularly smelly because people are quick to shove their trainers back on before the previous load of sweat has dried out, and it's when this running river of sweat meets with bacteria that the smell brews. Dangling your trainers outside on the window sill is not the solution (you in the basement flat below my house, take note), but here are a few suggestions. First, try to prevent whiffs by wearing clean cotton (hidden) trainer socks (M&S do a pack of two pairs for pounds 5 for women and some for pounds 4.50 for men - so needed they've sold out till July). Secret Socks (a favourite of Annie's) are very thin and discreet too. They cover men's and women's sizes (1-13) and cost only pounds 1.99 a pair. If you're a man who likes his feet to be naked, then give some of Scholl's Odour Control products a try. Priced from pounds 2.85, the range includes foot and shoe sprays, powders, gels, insoles (even some "super" ones), all packed with antibacterial ingredients. For women's sweaty feet, Scholl do a range of products called Fresh Step, prices from pounds 2.75. But remember, it's no good buying anti-fungal insoles and keeping them in there for ever. As soon as they start looking the slightest bit stale, change them, which could be as often as every three weeks according to the podiatrist, and do not be tempted to make your trainers share the insoles with other shoes in your wardrobe, that's foul.

Marks & Spencer: 0171 935 4422; Secret Socks mail order and enquiries: 0171 794 2066; Scholl: 0800 0742040