Photography: 98for98 The century in photographs: today 1922

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In conjunction with Photo 98 - The UK Year of Photography and the Electronic Image, the Independent and The Hulton Getty Picture Collection present "98 for 98" - The Century in Photographs. This photograph was taken in July 1922 and shows armed anti-Treaty members of the Irish Republican Army as they patrol the streets of Dublin during the Irish Civil War. The treaty with Britain was passed in a highly contentious atmosphere: the debate had lasted nine days, it was only approved by a margin of seven votes and the country's best known politician, Eamon de Valera, resigned as president, leaving Michael Collins to take the presidency of the provisional government.

Disagreement continued, with the Republicans opposing the Treaty and the Free Staters supporting it. By June the situation had escalated into civil war. The Irish Free State was officially established in December, with a government formed under William T Cosgrove. However, some reconciliation appeared to have been made at least within the Irish Parliament as the first general election proved victorious for the pro-treaty party.

On the world stage the post-War Versailles Treaty was feeling the strain after Russia and Germany made a secret pact in Rapallo, re-establishing full diplomatic relations and promising cooperation towards economic development and enabling Germany to manufacture in Russia the weapons banned by the Versailles Treaty. The ambush of Michael Collins in September meant that there was only one surviving member of the Irish delegation who signed the treaty. Lloyd George found himself and his coalition parliament ousted by the Tories, and Benito Mussolini became Italy's dictator after marching on Rome.

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