It's 1958 and The Independent's photo-history of the 20th-century continues with exclusive access to the Hulton Getty Picture Collection. The post-war influx of immigrants from Great Britain's Commonwealth dependencies around the world inevitably brought with it racial tension. Nowhere was this more true than in West London's Notting Hill, the scene of today's photograph of a black youth being searched by police during the neighbourhood's September riots.

A gang of white youths created the night's first disturbance when they gathered outside a house in protest at its black residents. Many in Notting Hill's black community were quick to respond to the racist taunts directed at them and mobs of blacks and whites were soon hurling petrol bombs and milk bottles at each other.

A number of people were badly hurt in the disturbances and within a week nine youths were jailed for four years each for attacking blacks. The media were accused of destabilising already precarious race relations in inner cities across the country. In particular, a television crew in Nottingham were criticised for attempting to stage a reconstruction of race riots in the city which itself got out of hand.

Earlier in the year, Manchester, the footballing world and the nation mourned the death of eight of Matt Busby's babes. The great Manchester United side was on its way home from Belgrade having earned a European Cup semi-final place when its plane failed in its attempt to take off in difficult conditions in Munich. Eight journalists died with the heart of the team Matt Busby had been carefully grooming for years and the manager himself only just survived the crash.

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