"Was There Then", a photographic journey by Jill Furmanovsky Camden Roundhouse, 19 Sept - 1 Oct
What is it with the world's pop Goliaths and self-documentation? First Madonna gave us a peek into her soul (ahem) with the gruelling In Bed With Madonna. Then Elton John broadened our awareness of his true nature with Tantrums and Tiaras. Now Oasis too, the world's most publicised superband, want us to see them that little bit more, too.

"Was There Then" (geddit) is a collection of 200 photographs of the band taken over the last three years. "Patsy's in some of them too," assures the publicist. "They're behind-the-scenes pictures of the boys on stage and off and they've never been seen before by the press." Good God, what could this mean? Pics of Liam and Noel doing human things like "sharing a joke" or "talking on the phone"? Actualy, er, yes. There actually is one of "Liam asleep", bless him.

Was There Then? More like Go There If You Really Must.