Club-gear has long outgrown the simplicity of Smiley T-shirts and Vick Inhalers to embrace a more high-tech future. Leading the way are Spiros Vlahos and Terry Davy, who are living out their space and technology fantasies through Cyberdog, an audacious mongrel of clothes shop, dance floor and Quasar unit. With a genuine cyberdog (made of a Hoover, giant shades, helmet and recorded voice) on guard on the door, bouncy playground- style Tarmac inside and a soundtrack of banging tunes ("strictly techno") this boutique would make your granny feel like clubbing. Designs are exclusive to the Cyberdog label and include UV light-responsive, zip-tastic tops and alien-nation trousers. Sculptures made of micro-chips, batteries and abandoned electronics by resident artist Vincent Jo-Nes provide diversion.

Cyberdog, 9 Earlham Street, London WC2, 0171 836 7855