HAPPILY NESTLED round the corner from Blue Note, Lux Cinema and 333, the former Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms has been doing a luvverly trade in East End charm since it opened a few weeks ago as a bar/gallery. Attracting a largely local crowd, plus the usual Hoxton Square suspects, the venue has an unpretentious, experimental feel with its high ceilings, huge windows and use of space (being a Twenties showroom, there's a lot of it). An eclectic music policy on evenings, running from dance to jazz has kept punters happy so far, as has the unusual downstairs gallery. Go trip the light fantastic.

Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms, 39a Hoxton Square, London N1, 0171 739 6934. Open 7 days a week, 11am to 11pm. Hero Brown