"The airport is often characterised as a neutral non-place between arrival and departure, when they are actually places of very considerable drama," explains Graham Ellard, one of the exhibiting artists at Airport, a collaboration between The Photographers' Gallery and The Architectural Association in London. To the seasoned traveller, the airport may indeed seem an aggravating obstruction to a much-anticipated destination, but The Photographers' Gallery prefers to celebrate it, and has gathered a selection of artists and architects to examine its architectural, cultural and technological significance.

The show is appropriately divided into two "terminals". The Photographers' Gallery houses Graham Ellard's and Stephen Johnstone's specially commissioned video and computer installation, The Geneva Express, which investigates the contrasting actions of departure and arrival in slow motion, together with Stephen Gill's studies of space in Heathrow airport (above). The Architectural Association exhibition, which opens at the end of the month, covers the more technical side of things, with drawings and models of some of the most innovative airports built in the last decade.

In addition, large-scale bromide prints of modern passenger aircraft (left) by the photographer Frank Schramm will be on display and for sale from Friday in the Photographers' Gallery Print Sales Room.

The Photographers' Gallery, 5 Great Newport St, London WC2 (0171-831 1772) to 8 Nov. Architectural Assoc (0171-887 4000) 29 Sept-1 Nov FS