WIN a drive in a Grand Prix car
Formula 1 Dream Team is just like Fantasy Football: you pick and manage your dream grand prix team to score points over the coming season.

Even though the grand prix season has started, it is not too late to join in: pit your wits against other enthusiasts and you could win our overall 1996 champion's prize, a drive in a Formula One car plus additional prizes for each race.

Individual race prizes range from trips to major grands prix, including this year's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, to a day at the Nigel Mansell Racing School at Brands Hatch.

Your team must comprise three

drivers, a chassis and an engine; your budget is pounds 40 million. Make your

selections from the grand prix shopping list printed below; the only

restriction is that your third driver must come from the pounds 1 million category.

Details of how to enter are given on this page. You can enter a team at any point during the grand prix

season but the earlier you enter, the greater your chances of being our overall champion. Remember, there are prizes for the winning Dream Team in each individual grand prix so you can enter a different team for each race.


Points are awarded per race to the top six finishers, based on the

Formula One World Championship points scoring system (10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1) but with an extra 10 points awarded to each of the top six finishers.

All drivers are eligible to score for a top six finish but can also notch up extra points as follows:

The fastest driver in race-day warm-up will collect six points, with five for the second and so on down to one point for the sixth quickest.

Drivers score one point for each place they make up over their grid position. Points are not deducted by losing places.

Five points are lost if your driver posts first retirement, four for second down to one point lost for the fifth retirement.

If your driver makes the quickest pitstop (from the entry of the pitlane to the exit) you gain five points.

If your driver sets the fastest lap time in the race, you gain five points.

If your driver receives a stop/go penalty, you lose five points.

If your driver starts on pole position, you gain five points.

The Independent will name a

Driver of the Day after each race for a particularly impressive performance, worth five points.

Non-qualification for a grand prix loses you two points. If a driver is on the FIA's published starting grid but fails to take the start, no points are lost.

Drivers removed from the results for any reason lose all points gained that weekend. Any driver not

competing in a grand prix weekend scores no points.

Chassis score and lose points in the same way as drivers for a top six

finish or any early retirement.

The score is based on the first

chassis home of that particular

manufacturer. Likewise, only the first chassis retirement will count if they are both among the first five to retire.

Engine rules are the same as the chassis rules, without the retirement penalties.


Choose your Dream Team from the shopping list on this page.

Remember, you must choose three drivers (the third from the pounds 1 million section), one chassis and one engine. You must not exceed your budget of pounds 40 million.

Give your team a name and register it by ringing 0891 891 805.

You will immediately be asked the entry question: How many races are there in this year's Formula One World Championship?

To enter your Dream Team details you can use one of two methods.

Method 1 uses a tone phone that lets you key in the code numbers of your driver, chassis and engine

choices. The computer will check that your team falls within budget and is eligible.

Method 2 uses a non-tone phone and give your details verbally. A budget check is not possible using this method.

When you have registered your Dream Team, you will be asked to predict the number of points this year's champion will notch up over the year. In case of a tie at the end of the season, the nearest figure to the champion's points will win the top prize. In the event of a further tie, the team that registered first will win.

Once you have registered your team you will be asked for your name,

address and telephone number. Your team selections plus your personal details will be played back to you and, when you confirm that they are

correct, you will be given a PIN


This is confirmation of your entry and will enable you to access the score checking line.

There is no limit on the number of teams an individual can enter, but only one team can be registered per call.


You can check your team's position at any time by calling 0891 891 806 and quoting your PIN number. If you want to know the individual driver, chassis and engine scores from the most recent race, call 0891 891 807. This line will also list the Top 50

Formula One Dream Teams.


1. All telephone calls are charged at 39p per minute cheap rate, 49p per minute at allother times, with a typical call to secure your entry lasting between five and sevenminutes.

2. The deadline to be included in a particular race is midday the Friday prior to that race.

3. The judge's decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into and there is no cash alternative for prizes.

4. Employees of Newspaper Publishing Plc, Haymarket Publishing Ltd and all

associated companies and their families are ineligible.

5. Entrants must be 18 or over and residents of the UK or the Irish Republic.

6. To be eligible for the main prize, you must hold a current driving licence, be no more than 1.95m tall and weigh no more than 220lbs.

7. All scores will be worked out according to the official FIA time sheets produced at the meeting. The values stated for drivers, engines and chassis bear no relation to real life.

8. In the event of a tie for the Dream Team Top Prize or for any of the individual race prizes, the team that registered first will win.

9. For lost PIN numbers, call 0891 891 808. Helpline: 01275 344183.

10. The Top 50 Teams Line, lists the top 50 teams from the last race. Both the Team Position Check Line and the Results & Top 50 Teams Line will be updated at 2 pm on the Monday following a race.


The Dream Team manager with the highest number of points at the end of the Grand Prix Championship season will win our top prize - a drive in a 650bhp F1 car. You will be flown to the AGS team's training school in the south of France for the most

exhilarating experience of your life. The school specialises in F1 courses and provides all the racewear and instruction you will need for the day.


The Dream Team manager with the highest number of points following the Monaco Grand Prix will win a guided tour round the Lola factory in Cambridgeshire and will be shown championship winning racing cars being manufactured.

San Marino Grand Prix Prize Winner

Congratulations to Ian Burton from Gwent and his team Great Mando Chickens. He has won a trip for two to the French Grand Prix on 30 June.




Rubens has

suffered from

inheriting the

mantle of Brazil's favourite son

Ayrton Senna. The country is

passionate about motor racing, and Rubens has found the weight of


difficult to bear. But he is a

maturer man now than he was when he first came into Grand Prix racing as a fast but

delicate 21-year-old in 1993. His ego, bruised by the speed of his team- mate Eddie Irvine last year, is also benefitting from the presence at Jordan this year of the


experienced (but not particularly quick) Martin Brundle. This ought to be Rubens' year. The car is quick, the team is behind him, the learning process is over: it is time for him to deliver.

Make your selection from the Grand Prix Shopping List


pounds 25m

1 M Schumacher

pounds 23m

2 J Alesi

3 D Hill

pounds 20m

4 G Berger

pounds 18m

5 D Coulthard

6 E Irvine

7 J Villeneuve

pounds 13m

8 M Hakkinen

9 H H Frentzen

pounds 10m

10 M Brundle

11 R Barrichello

12 J Herbert

pounds 6m

13 M Salo

14 P Lamy

pounds 4m

15 P Diniz

16 U Katayama

17 J Verstappen

18 O Panis

pounds 3m

19 L Badoer

20 R Rosset

21 A Montermini

pounds 2m

22 G Fisichella

23 V Sospiri*

24 T Marques*

25 F Lagorce*

26 H Noda*

27 T Inoue*

pounds 1m

28 M Blundell*

29 J-C Boullion*

30 K Brack*

31 K Burt*

32 E Collard*

33 N Fontana*

34 D Franchitti*

35 N Larini*

36 J Magnussen*

37 A Prost*

38 G Tarquini*

39 K Wendlinger*


pounds 20m

40 Benetton

41 Williams

pounds 18m

42 Ferrari

pounds 15m

43 McLaren

pounds 14m

44 Sauber

45 Jordan

pounds 10m

46 Ligier

pounds 6m

47 Tyrrell

pounds 5m

48 Arrows

pounds 3m

49 Minardi

pounds 1m

50 Forti


pounds 26m

51 Renault

pounds 18m

52 Ferrari

pounds 15m

53 Mercedes

pounds 12m

54 Peugeot

pounds 10m

55 Mugen

pounds 8m

56 Ford V10

pounds 6m

57 Yamaha

pounds 4m

58 Hart

pounds 3m

59 Ford Zetec V8

pounds 2m

60 Ford ED V8


Monaco GP

May 19

Spanish GP

June 2

Canadian GP

June 16

French GP

June 30

British GP

July 14

German GP

July 28

Hungarian GP

August 11

Belgian GP

August 25

Italian GP

September 8

Portuguese GP

September 22

Japanese GP

October 13