Simple Minds Neapolis (Chrysalis)

In the late 1980s Simple Minds were just U2 without the hip mates, and the American superleague status. Nowadays, Jim Kerr indulges in a few light philosophical musings, but rants against Liam Gallagher's fitness as a father are absent. This is gently inoffensive, lacking the erstwhile epic guitar pomp, but with a funky synth undertow fascimilied for several tracks. Will be big in Finland. HH

Dust Junkys - Done And... Dusted (Polydor)

Dust Junkys are led by the sort of Gunchester chic gentleman who probably has "love" and "hate" tattooed on his knuckles, and this machismo-redolent, twangy rock never lets up on the bad boy rumblings. Their natural constituency is a mystery to me, and seeing as there is a dub remix album of their Hendrixy pop, perhaps they are keeping their options open. A grower. HH

Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue (Deconstruction, below)

She may have a host of venerated mates to collaborate with (Manic Street Preachers, The Grid, Todd Terry), but none can disguise the fact that Kylie's voice is a limited range of squeaks which render serious songs unconvincing. She adopts musical styles as if they were this season's couture and has gone through some sort of Bjorkification process, but it doesn't work. Boo. HH

Delinquent Habits - Here Come The Horns (PMP Loud)

Spaghetti western soundtrack meets west coast hip hop - that is the order of the day from Delinquent Habits who only just avoid sounding like the gimmick victims of the week. Executive producer Sen Dog, of the dormant Cypress Hill, helps, maybe accounting for the fat beats, bass thunder and muggy atmosphere. This album is likely to raise their profile in hip hop circles. HHH

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