It's an ambient techno dub trance jungle out there. You don't know whether to nod, sprawl on cushions or run on the spot for eight hours with your shirt off, do you? At a club called Return to the Source - Part Two, tonight at the Rocket in Holloway Road, officially you can do all these things, but the nature of the music is such that running on the spot is probably the most suitable choice. Here they take their trance seriously, going big on the mesmeric effect and the pagan angle. Tonight, Return To The Source is back due to demand (Megadog is off for the summer), and becomes a monthly fixture on the slightly scruffy dance scene.

The best reason for going tonight is the live acts. Juno Reactor is your typical funny noises band, who've made a 61-minute track with Dr Alex Patterson called Luciana. It's a rumble that comes at you from low on the horizon. Medicine Drum mixes techno with eastern percussion. The band has got a big gong, and the Australian one has travelled the world (Goa, etc) with his wife. She's in the Sushuma Ritual Dance Theatre, which bases its performances around the chakra, the seven energy points of the body. The group goes for the energy frequencies which tie in with the energy frequencies of different colours. Seven dancers, seven movements, seven different lighting effects. The Ambient Cushion Room will be organised by Pagan, one of the Goa party set.

Sadly, jugglers and flautists will be at large through to 6am, but they'll be in the garden, where the chai (tea) shop is. Free fruit and veg promised to stayers.

Return To The Source - Part Two is tonight at the Rocket, 160 Holloway Rd, London N7 (071-700 2421, info 081-670 1993) 10pm-6am, pounds 10, pounds 7 with flyer. First Friday of the month thereafter.

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