How about this then: around the world in 78 minutes, 58 seconds? Paul Oakenfold, trendy DJ/remixer (the one who played clubs like Shoom, Spectrum and The Future, and made the Happy Mondays and Primal Scream sound original) has an album out. Not the usual one-trick pony stuff that DJs come up with, but something you can play at a party. Journeys By DJ, Vol 5: Through The Spectrum is his mixing together of tracks that have really worked for him in clubs, and gives a picture of what's happening in dance music around the world at the moment. It moves from a bit of Detroit techno to New York, London, some Italian garage, a bit of melodic trance from Germany, drops the pace for an ambient section ('from anywhere, ambient's everywhere,' he says), and then to some full-on trance from the Goa beach scene in India.

'I think the Goa scene's the most happening one. These underground DJs like Mike McGuire and Dino make their DATs here all summer, then spend the winter on the beach in India. They don't bother with records. The music's very fast, a cross-section of acid, trance and techno. Try finding one of their parties called A Concept In Dance - they are just way ahead of everyone.'

Having DJd everywhere from Iceland to Argentina, 'Oakey' is a particularly good tour guide for those of us whose favourite club consists of an easy chair and a Walkman. 'There are pockets of music lovers all over the world, who subscribe to DJ magazine and i-D and order the right records. Christchurch, New Zealand, was fun. Three hundred people, absolutely obsessive, and the local fashion was English football shirts.' Aren't you glad he did all the legwork?

Journeys By DJ, Vol 5: Through The Spectrum came out on Monday on Music Unites

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