Lyric Sheets
Radio 1 opened for business exactly 30 years ago next Tuesday

Put your hands together

And gives thanks to Radio 1

For lid-erally several years

Of mandatory fun

For wacky, zany, kooky guys

Dropped on their heads at birth

A vast controlled explosion

Of unmitigated mirth

The Roadshow was the flagship

In this fleet of arrant charm

For men who gave out hats and pens

Then went home to a farm

The sonic sugar Prozac

Beamed across the factory floor

By guys who shared our troubles

But got paid a little more

The posses and the jobhunts

The helplines and the plugs

The awful realisation that

Their listeners might take drugs

Then slow but sure improvement

Which didn't really hurt

It wasn't broke. You fixed it

Gee. Thank you, Mr Birt