Coping with the demands of a new baby can be taxing / Getty Images/iStockphoto

What doctors diagnosed as stress turned out to be something far more serious

Coping with the demands of a new baby can be taxing. Not only do you need to recover from the emotional and exhausting experience of childbirth but you now have the crying, broken nights sleep and 10th nappy change of the day to contend with. 

So, it’s normal to feel a little rundown, right?

While that is most certainly the case for many women, Fox Sports presenter Lara Pitt’s exhaustion turned out to be something far more serious – postpartum thyroiditis. 

So, in a bid to put an end to its common misdiagnosis, Pitt decided to share her story in an article posted on health and wellbeing site My Body and Soul

After giving birth to her first child in January 2015, she began to experience increased heart rate, restless nights sleep and waking in pools of sweat. But like most parents, Pitt put it down to just being overtired. 

A sentiment shared by her regular GP who said, “You’re now a Mum. Juggling a newborn and back at work part-time, of course you’d be tired.”

In her line of work, Pitt’s no stranger to receiving online criticism but after an episode on evening she says one comment on Twitter caught her eye. 

“Does Lara Pitt have an Adams Apple?” it read.

Eight months post-partum, the new mum was still feeling run down and days later, noticed a lump sticking out of her neck in a heart-like shape.

Some blood test and an ultrasound later, doctors finally diagnosed Pitt with post-partum thyroiditis.

A condition that occurs in 7-8 per cent of women approximately one to four months after delivery, it’s an uncommon disorder and is regularly mistakenly attributed to the stress of having a newborn. 

“What surprised me most about all of this was how easily Mums out there, like me, must be getting misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all,” Pitt writes.

“My specialist often sees patients who’ve been told they have post-partum depression or anxiety.”

Since having her second child, Pitt has learned to manage her condition with the support of an endocrinologist, a nutrition plan to support her immune system and the support of her family.