WIN up to pounds 2,000 a day INSTANTLY with the; Today's INSTANT Cash Bonus is pounds 750
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No matter what precautions you take, summer holidays always seem to involve scratching. Mosquitoes evade carefully slung nets, gnats ignore strips of sticky paper for the rich pastures of your limbs and the sun burns straight through liberal coats of factor 48 to microwave your flesh.

So if you're going to end up scratching, it might as well be worthwhile - and net you a handy wedge of cash.

Starting today is our intriguing pounds 50,000 Instant Travel Cash game. Inside today's paper you will find eight Instant Travel Cash scratch cards and, by following the simple instructions below, could scratch your way to an instant cash windfall ranging from pounds 20 to pounds 2,000.

And that's enough to ensure a splendidly independent holiday - or a lifetime supply of camomile lotion.


Step One. Tear off the section of the card dated Monday 3 July along the perforated lines and scratch it off completely.

Step Two. You will see five cash amounts and a "Bonus Cash Amount See Newspaper" message. If you reveal three indentical cash amounts, you win that amount instantly.

Step Three. The "Bonus Cash Amount See Newspaper" message means that to win today's bonus prize you need THREE identical cash amounts of pounds 750 - TWO of them on your card and ONE the bonus cash amount printed in today's paper.

Step Four. How to claim. Phone 01254 680999 (Irish Republic 0044 1254 680999) between 10.30am and 4pm today.


1. No purchase necessary, bonus cash amounts from Newspaper Publishing plc offices. Cards are freely available from newsagents.

2. The prizes for each game will be awarded to the player or players who make a successful claim.

3. All claims are subject to scrutiny and cards must be intact to be eligible for a prize. Cards containing printing errors are void.

4. Winners must agree to the publication of their names and photographs in the Independent and the Independent On Sunday.

5. Should more prizes be claimed than are available in any prize category for any reason, a simple draw will take place for the prize.

6. Persons under 16 years, employees of Newspaper Publishing plc, the Mirror Group, Europrint Promotions Ltd., Newspaper Publishing plc retail agents, their agents and families are not allowed to play.

7. The Editor's decisions are final in all matters relating to the games. No correspondence can be entered into.

8. Newspaper Publishing plc reserves the right to stop the game at any time and change the conditions.