Preview: An Eye On... Christmas

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Stress: The charity Relate is anticipating more business after Christmas. Last year calls increased by as much as 25 per cent in some areas over the Christmas period. Their five-point plan for coping with the tensions of Christmas includes planning strategies to meet the tension, encouraging frank communication about likes and dislikes, taking time away from your family, curbing spending, and not overindulging in food and drink.

Parties: According to a survey by condom-makers Durex, only 20 per cent of people believe that office Christmas parties offer them a good chance of an impromptu sexual encounter. 15 percent of people hope to find a new partner, 28 percent are looking for romance, 6 percent want to be more adventurous lovers and 10 per cent just want to have sex more often.

Santa: The Institute of Trade Mark Agents reports that the name "Santa" has been registered as part of a trade mark by seven companies in the last seven years. Another three Santas are pending. The 1990s have seen a boom in Santas compared with the 80s.