Dogs on buses: An 80-year-old woman, returning from her birthday party, was thrown off a Greyhound bus in Florida at the weekend because of a birthday present she had with her: a small puppy. Police, called by the bus driver, then gave her a sandwich and something to drink, and teamed up to take her and the dog home in a relay of five patrol cars. When she woke the next morning she found a bouquet of roses with a card from the sheriff's deputies in Tampa that read: "We want you to know there are still some nice people in the world."

Dogs in space: Russian scientists have unveiled a plaque to the memory of Laika, who became the first dog in space - and the first to be burnt up on re-entry - 40 years ago.

Dogs in court: The US Appeals Court has been hearing a case of a judge whose dog harassed women by poking its snout under their skirts. The legal question is whether the judge brought the dog to court as a private citizen, or whether it was an "extension of his judicial persona".