Preview: An eye on... sex

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Chickens: A row has broken out at a poultry farm in Australia over whether Australians or Koreans are better chicken-sexers. Locals employed as sexers at the poultry firm Steggles say they are being forced to take a pay cut or they will be replaced by Koreans. The company says the Koreans are more accurate and are being hired to improve efficiency. The job involves determining the sex of chicks by looking at their backsides or inserting tubes to view their sex organs.

Self-abuse: A man in Fairfield, California, who claimed that a woman called Brenda had cut off his penis has now admitted that he did it himself. Alan Hall would not disclose the reasons for the act, or why he described the imaginary attacker to the police. Doctors were unable to reattach the organ. Mr Hall is a pipe-fitter.

Condoms: Kaestner-Versand, the company that supplied, by mail order, most of the condoms used in communist East Germany, has announced that it is closing. Competition from western companies since re-unification has reduced orders to a trickle.