Preview: Art sale: Yours, anonymously

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Royal College of Art, London

Psst! Wanna buy some art? The Royal College of Art's event is offering works by some of the most famous artists in the world for pounds 35 each. Honest. Among 2,000 postcard-sized creations you'll find evidence of the work of Frank Auerbach, Peter Blake, Claes Oldenburg and Tracey Emin as well as many fast rising artists.

The only problem is you won't find the vital clue essential to clinch your bargain: the signature. Every exhibitor, from the lowliest art student to Sir Edouard Paolozzi, has left his John Doe well out of sight on the back of each canvas thus bargain hunters must stake their critcal acumen against the anonymous works and ride their luck.

With the scheme in its fourth year veteran buyers may think they're wising up with time, but Susie Allen, the show's curator, reckons the exhibitors are still one step ahead. "One person was certain he had bought [an] Anton Tapies. It was by a student."

Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7. Booking: 0171-590 4444.