Preview: Celebrate St Patrick's Day

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Forget cheesy comedy nights and Irish theme bars this Paddy's Day. If you really want to sample a drop of the hard stuff, head for the Bloomsbury Theatre, where the craic comes courtesy of veteran Irish folkster, Ronnie Drew (right). Part of legendary Irish group, The Dubliners, Drew has taken his distinctive gravel voice - described variously as "being able to cut cheese" and "the sound of coke being crushed under a door" - all over the globe and collaborated with the likes of Shane MacGowan, Bono and even Jah Wobble. Meanwhile, Ronnie remains humble to the last. "I'm not sure whether it's a blessing or a curse," says he of his dulcet tones, "but I've been getting away with it for a very long time now and hopefully I'll continue to do so!"

Bloomsbury Theatre, London (0171-388 8822) 17 Mar