Kinofilm '97: American Underground Filmfest The Consort, Manchester, until 28 November.

If American mainstream can embrace the likes of Tarantino, it is with trepidation that anyone with a sensitive stomach should trek down to this festival - especially as parodies of Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (a parody on the largest film parody), see-through bodies, vibrating love eggs, large spiders and suburban sluts in hell are on the programme. "Expect films that will shock," says the festival's director, John Wojowski. "Many of these films will never have the chance to be shown. They are really exciting and cutting edge."

It can be risque on this sharp edge and some of the films will be marked with a warning triangle. Erotica is seen from a new angle in The Operation, directed by Jacob Panda and shot in infra-red to make the body's surface appear see-through. Although it has won awards all over the world, the festival will be one of the few places it can be shown. A bleary-eyed gaze on illegal behaviour at the world's biggest pot party shall without a doubt prove amusing as director Doug Wollen premieres his documentary Weed.

The subjects chosen are often playful albeit with serious intent. Grace Has Mace is a women almost raped who empowers with a can of mace - unfortunately her retaliation becomes random.

Scouting for talent and whittling the submissions down to 50 were representatives from the New York Underground festival. It meant that the planned one- day festival is now a three-day extravaganza. Wojowski believes that this is also a sign of the times. "A lot of big festivals are looking to the underground because independent films have become fairly mainstream."

All screenings will take place at the Consort: Square Albert, Albert Square, Manchester. Details: 0161-288 2494.