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THE ICA has long been accused of being the spiritual home of intellectual psycho-babble, but an event next week hopes to show that even pseuds have a sense of humour. The comedy collective known as The Pod present their latest absurdist incarnation on Wednesday night with Club Pod, an interactive comedy experiment which aims to explore contemporary humour outside stand- up, sketch and cabaret. As one of their mysterious, nameless number revealed in a seedy South London pub last week: "The human face is our palette... You are the visuals... bring your colour." The innovative event is the climax of a month of ICA bar events which have featured Pulp's Mark Webber and a special set by the Sneaker Pimps.

Club Pod defy strict categorisation but the talented duo are evangelical multi-media disciples and promise "live narrative exploration", "physical performance sound theatre" and "identity clubbing". The emphasis is firmly interactive with a suitably post-modernist take on audience participation. Shots from a roving camera will be edited with "non-neutral verbal messages" while "whisper trees" and "chill-out stools" complete the digital ambience. It could prove an antidote to the macho egoism of contemporary comedy, but, as the Pod stress, the event's success is down to the audience: "You are the masters, we're saying nothing"

The Pod: Club Pod, ICA, The Mall, London SW1 (0171-930 0493) Wed 28 Jan 9pm pounds 2.50/pounds 2