It's that time of year again when we brace ourselves for the inevitable media flurry of reflections on the past year.1997's will be dominated by the death of the Princess of Wales; indeed this is one of the subjects touched on in the new exhibition at the The Gallery of the Association of Photographers, in which 60 professionals, including Nick Knight, Brian Harris and Tom Stoddart, have been invited to nominate their favourite image from the year. It's not all doom and gloom, however - Jean Paul Goude's mother and child image is a startling take on early Japanese prints, while Cameron Watt's cauliflower (left), taken from Sainsbury's The Magazine, effectively conveys what we've all been spoon fed. That nosh is the new rock `n' roll and ingredients are legends in their own shelf-life. But for many visitors to the exhibition, the image that will trigger their most satisfying memory of 1997 is David Modell's photograph of Michael Portillo, taken the morning after the night before, when he can't find his ministerial car. Shame.

Association of Photographers, 9-10 Domingo Street, London EC1 (0171-608 1445) to 17 Jan