Sleaze Nation Magazine, on sale from today at pounds 2 at most newsagents

Clubbers will have come into contact with this magazine in the past year without having to delve into their pockets to pay. It has now been redesigned and released as a disco monthly magazine that promises "the vanguard of life. Subculture for sale. Straight and uncut." It's readers are expected to be "a bunch of full of shit kids (actually some of us are over 30) who think they are it." It's tone is unsurprisingly straight- talking, with a content that blends skilled and innovative photography, films, interviews and reviews. It is far, far away from your normal magazine; where else for pounds 2 can you get an exciting overview of contemporary culture packaged like a book and dense with content? If nothing else, it can bolster your book shelf until it is time to explain to the grandchildren what life was like in the Nineties.