Art galleries have long been accused of being inaccessible to the general public, but a new exhibition of Sir Anthony Caro's sculpture opening at the National Gallery next week should make enjoyment of this particular venerable institution even easier. "Sculpture from Painting" is the no-nonsense title of a show whose works are inspired by the Gallery's permanent collection. Caro's credentials are beyond dispute: he worked as an assistant to Henry Moore and is without question Britain's leading living sculptor. Highlights of the exhibition are a series of works based on Van Gogh's Chair and displayed in front of the work itself - and other pieces based on Giotto, Rembrandt and Goya. Caro fans can also enjoy a simultaneous showing of his new works at the Annely Juda Fine Art Gallery.

Trafalgar Sq, WC1 (0171 747 2885) 25 Feb-4 May; `Anthony Caro - New Sculptures: a Survey', Annely Juda Fine Art, 23 Dering St, W1 (0171-629 7578) 25 Feb- 18 April