Freebies you really want
The Independent and Independent on Sunday are offering you 2 Free magazines from a selection of the UK's leading style magazines - Vanity Fair, Arena, The Face, GQ, GQ Active and Tatler. To bring you this exclusive offer, for the October issues of the magazines, we have teamed up with Conde Nast and Wagadon two of the UK's top magazine publishers. How To Claim Your Two Free Magazines

Simply collect 3 differently numbered tokens out of the 9 tokens published in The Independent and Independent on Sunday from Saturday 20 September to Sunday 28 September.

Affix the 3 tokens to one of the application vouchers published in The Independent on Monday 22 September, Thursday 25 September and Saturday 27 September; and in the Independent on Sunday on 28 September.

Complete the application voucher indicating which magazine you have chosen and exchange this at the local retail outlet stocking your selected magazine.

The closing date for claiming your free magazine is Saturday 4 October 1997.

To claim 2 free magazines you must use two separate application vouchers each with three differently numbered tokens.

Maximum of 2 free magazines per household.

The Face invented the style magazine as we know it, and for 17 years has been at the forefront of British culture. The most fashionable magazine in the world. The Face is an encyclopaedia of style, renowned the world over for being at the cutting edge of modern culture, featuring everything from music and fashion to art and books.

The Face enjoys enormous respect within the worlds of fashion and publishing, and is one of the few magazines that can claim to be globally influential. The New York Times recently called it "the primary chronicle of youth culture", while Giorgio Armani calls it a "touchstone".

With a unique mix of glamour and grit, Vanity Fair opens doors to Hollywood, high finance, politics and culture, tracking the latest scandals, the greatest achievements and the newest stars. With the greatest stable of writers, photographers and artists, Vanity Fair is the monthly magazine with the timeliness of a news weekly and the depth of a good book, a feast for the eyes and the mind. Consistently hitting the headlines with groundbreaking stories, the magazine achieves unparalleled access, and it's journalistic scope ranges from of-the-moment to the unexpected. Whether a story involves a world leader or a cultural icon, you will find it within the pages of Vanity Fair.

The October issue of Tatler catches up with Christie Brinkley, the cover girl's cover girl, and goes inside her Hamptons home. The magazine tracks down the Hollywood Britpack, while Henry Dent-Brocklehurst and fiancee Lili Maltese dress up in butter-soft, sharp-cut, sexy and sleek leather. Plus, is your sofa more a hit-list than It-list - Tatler assesses the British designers who will help your house look hip, and a tribute to Sir James Goldsmith, dynamic tycoon, dynastic family man and would- be statesman, through the eyes of his daughter Isabel. October's issue comes with the 1998 Tatler Ashe Park Restaurant Guide - an indispensible round up of the hottest tables in town (and how to secure them).

October sees the 100th issue of GQ which celebrates in style with Paul Whitehouse. David Bowie dons Paul Smith, Reservoir Dog Michael Marsden explains how Hollywood's leading hound is creating a new breed of trouble, and Tyra Banks goes back to basics. Plus, Paul Newman's motor-racing passion, the City addicts chasing the dragon and promotion, and the best blather from the last 100 issues of GQ.

The Face

The team behind Trainspotting are back with a fine romance. The Face goes on the set of A Life Less Ordinary in Utah, and has a heart-to-heart with the film's stars, Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz. Plus: Embrace, the rising British rock band; Hiromix, the 20-year-old Japanese schoolgirl whose titillating pics of her friends are causing a revolution; Lil' Kim; board art; John Leguizamo; Photek; drag kings; and an exclusive interview with the Dalai Lama. Sort of...

The health, fitness and sport for men, brings the reader the ultimate eat yourself sexy plan. David Coulthard reveals his hi-tech work-out which is as advanced as the McLaren he drives. Plus, ways you can improve your running technique, the GQ Active trainer top ten, and how to take on The Gladiators. The October issue of GQ Active comes with a special edition 256 page guide to Daring Days Out in the UK.


Exclusive interview with, and sensational photographs of, Elizabeth Hurley, the original posh spice. The women who wore The Dress tells Arena the fame game isn't funny anymore. Plus: climbing Everest the hard way; Teddy Sheringham's new boots and panties; what they don't teach you at SAS school; how to tell if you've got a small penis; and the problems with Naomi Campbell, Jimmy McGovern and the Cherokee Jeep.

Vanity Fair features a special tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, looking back over her last summer, whether flying to Bosnia to crusade against land mines or finding romance on the Riviera. The decade-long partnership of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is explored, the affinity of Weegee, the 1940s crime photographer, for the underbelly of New York is examined, and with virtually every icon of the British stage appearing in an eight-hour, $13 million television adaptation of A Dance to the Music of Time, Vanity Fair predicts a revival of Anthony Powell's masterwork.

Terms And Conditions

1. This offer is only available to residents of the UK.

2. To qualify for the offer, applicants must collect 3 differently numbered tokens together with a completed application voucher. Tokens are published between Sept 20 & 28, 1997. The application voucher is published on Sept 22,25,27 & 28, 1997.

3. The tokens and completed application voucher must be exchanged at your local retailer by Oct 4, 1997.

4. Only the application voucher and tokens printed in The Independent/Independent on Sunday are valid. Photocopies or any other reproductions will not be accepted.

5. The offer is for one free magazine per correct application selected only from the list featured here and detailed on the application voucher.

6. Maximum of two free magazines per household.

7. The offer is subject to availability. No cash alternatives will be offered.

8. The promoters are The Independent, Conde Nast and Wagadon.