Skipton Building Society is offering a five-year fixed rate mortgage, with rates linked to size of the loan relative to a property's value (called the LTV). On an LTV of 75 per cent, the rate is 6.7 per cent, rising to 6.99 per cent on an LTV of 95 per cent. Free unemployment cover is provided. Compulsory insurance and redemption penalties also apply. Call 0800 446776.

Alliance & Leicester has launched a three-year discounted mortgage with no repayment fee for those who want to make earlier repayments. The loan offers 1.25 per cent off the standard variable rate of 8.45 per cent on an LTV of up to 95 per cent. Call 0800 412214.

John Charcol is offering a mortgage that delivers a cashback, of 0.75 per cent on the sum borrowed, a 1 per cent discount on the lender's variable rate of 7.99 per cent until December 1 1999, plus a cap - to 7.99 per cent on future rate increases until August 2002. The loan is only available on LTVs of 70 per cent. Call 0800718191.

Britannia Building Society has launched a 10-year fixed rate, pegged at 7.74 per cent for loans of up to 95 per cent of the property's value. Free unemployment cover of 12 months is included. Redemption penalties and a pounds 295 per cent arrangement fee apply. Contact local branches.

The Mortgage Operation, a home loan wholesaler, has negotiated a loan for high net-worth individuals which offers a 4 per cent cashback up to pounds 25,000.

The loan, from Birmingham Midshires, is guaranteed to be lower than the top 10 lenders' average variable rates and now stands at 8.16 per cent. Call 0171 5712400.