Beauty spot Rose cream by Dr Hauschka
If winter weather makes your skin feel as if you may be turning into a lizard, Dr Hauschka Rose Cream is definitely worth a test drive. Aimed, like all good beauty products, at prevention rather than covering up flaws, rose cream is formulated with 100 per cent natural ingredients, organically grown and "hand harvested at sunrise"; it has been awarded Die Grune Punkt, given in Germany only to the purest of products.

The cream contains extracts such as marshmallow, rose wax for protecting the skin and rose petals for harmonising and healing, and smells a bit as if you are about to rub the entire contents of your grandmother's rose garden into your face. But don't be discouraged; its thick creamy texture feels as if it can only do good. Made by the German company Wala Heilmittel, established in 1924, who excel in developing homeopathic remedies, Dr Hauschka has always seemed to take a back seat in comparison to some of the trendier natural brands such as Aveda and Origins. Maybe this is because of the simple packaging (which could be interpreted by some as drab) or the limited availability; or maybe, as with all good things, the cognoscenti just wanted to keep it secret.

Dr Hauschka Rose Cream, 30ml, pounds 12.95. (For nationwide stockists phone 01527 832 863).