Put your feet up and watch these crackers at Christmas


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It's almost time for the holidays - when all you want to do it veg out, recover from all the Christmas parties and spend some quality time with the family. Watching films together is a timeless tradition and it's easy to make sure your lounge is movie ready by having a pre-spring clean, investing in some cosy cushions and blankets and stocking up on the snacks.

Once your lounge is ready for you to recline in comfort you need to invest in all the fantastic films you'll want to watch over the festive period before they fly off the shelves. There are some great new releases and loads of Christmas classics you won't want to miss so combine the two to ensure fun for all the family:

  • Ted – One for the family with older kids. Mark Wahlberg struggles as his cringe-worthy childhood teddy gets him in a few sticky spots. Not one to watch with Nana.
  • The Amazing Spider Man –  Full of action and adventure that's sure to appeal to everyone! Andrew Garfield and Rhys Ifans bring a bit of British style to the Spiderman series. This is one to watch when you've had so much turkey you can no longer move.
  • The Dark Knight Rises – One for the boys. Christopher Nolan's amazing finale to the Batman trilogy ends in spectacular style. Switch off the lights, get out the popcorn and pretend you're back at the cinema!
  • Magic Mike – One for the girls. Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum star as sexy male strippers. Send the men to do the Christmas shopping and break out the mulled wine.
  • The Nightmare before Christmas - a kooky Christmas classic from Tim Burton, Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween hijacks Christmas with disastrous consequences. A quirky hit that kids will love.
  • Elf – Will Ferrell plays Buddy, who blusters around New York looking for his biological father after learning he isn't actually one of Santa's elves. Expect plenty of laughs.
  • Santa Claus - An 80's cult classic. Dudley Moore plays Patch, Santa's chief toymaker who decides to give the Christmas game a go on his own. A feel-good favourite from start to finish!

With all these and more on offer over the Christmas period, it'll be a struggle to drag yourself off the sofa and get the Christmas shopping done! But if your couch is a bit past it, investing in one of the latest leather sofas by CSL or a pretty patterned model from their fabric and leather sofa ranges couldn't be easier. With so many models online you needn't even leave the house when on the hunt for your perfect sofa!

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