One of the grandes dames of publishing, Kate Parkin, still in her early 30s, was promoted within Random House last year to become head of Century and Arrow. One of her most stressful jobs must have been as the editor of Ivana Trump's novel, 'For Love Alone'. As part of her contract, La Trump was told to deliver her synopsis over the telephone. It took her one and a half hours to give Parkin a blow-by-blow account. Parkin took it all with good humour.

Which part of London would you like to live in, and why?

Notting Hill Gate. Huge houses, communal gardens, big trees, interesting shops, Portobello market for food and amazing places to go and eat.

Is there anywhere that you have never visited in London and keep meaning to?

The underground city beneath Clapham Common. I found out about it from an article by Donald Campbell. Visits can be arranged apparently at enormous cost -I'm saving up to take a party of friends.

What is your worst transport story?

Sitting in a Tube for over an hour. No one spoke and then one woman started quietly weeping.

What is your closest brush with crime in London?

Waking up to find a burglar in our bedroom. He scarpered.

Nominate your most romantic spot

Harvey Nichols restaurant.

What was the last film you saw and where?

Four Weddings and a Funeral - Leicester Square.

When did you last eat out, who with and why?

Peg's Club in Mercer Street with Kate Saunders to discuss her new novel.

Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

NCT classes for asking if you could have caesarians on demand.

Have you ever seen anyone famous on the streets?

Jeremy Irons. I tailed him to Bourne and Hollingsworth where, disappointingly, he bought some handkerchiefs.

What would you change about London?

The weather

The public transport system

. . . and the pigeons.

(Photograph omitted)