Which part of London would you most like to live in, and why?

Neal Street, Covent Garden, because it's central, perpetually noisy, and the one street in London that reminds me of Greenwich Village. Or else on a houseboat at Chelsea Wharf. I'm intrigued by the idea of living on water in the middle of a city.

Is there anywhere that you have never visited in London, and keep meaning to?

Charlie Chester's casino, the Old Bailey, the Public Record Office.

What is your worst transport story?

Passing out on a rush-hour District Line train at South Kensington after several men in suits refused to help me.

What is your closest brush with crime in London?

Having my girlfriend's bicycle stolen. Twice.

Nominate your most romantic spot.

The international arrivals and departure terminals at Heathrow Airport, where the early stages of my current romance were carried out.

What was the last film you saw and where?

'Carlito's Way', on videotape in my sitting room. I rarely go to the cinema, but I make it a point to see all Martin Scorsese films on a big screen.

Where did you last eat out, who with and why?

Como Lario, in Holbein Place, with Stephanie McKnight, a playwright friend, for a celebratory lunch.

Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

Regrettably, no.

Have you ever seen anyone famous on the streets?

Quite often, if theatre practitioners count. Otherwise, I once caught a glimpse of Princess Diana getting into a car in Kensington.

What would you change about London?

The roundabout traffic system. It terrifies me, and I'm a grid woman at heart.

(Photograph omitted)