Michael Winner is best known for the Death Wish films, something many chefs bear in mind when Winner pops by for one of his acerbic restaurant reviews. Curators are also wary of Michael Winner who has been known to visit prominent art salesrooms and identify fakes, which are then removed hastily from the sale. His current film project is 'On the Piste from the hit play by John Godber

Nominate the best part of London that you'd like to live in, and why?

Where I live in Holland Park. The street is largely classic

Victorian houses built by artists, the park is pleasant with peacocks and flowers and woodland, the area has bustle and calm. It retains some of the historic charm that was there when I first moved to it in 1947.

Is there anywhere that you have never visited in London, and keep meaning to?

I've never really done Greenwich thoroughly, I was there at the theatre the other day and thought how interesting it looked.

What is your worst transport story?

Any time I drive transport is a problem, not because of outside influences, because I am such a terrible driver.

What is your closest brush with crime in London?

When I opened my bedroom door at three in the morning and a burglar was standing there with a knife. He was so

troubled to see me there naked that he paused and I slammed and locked the door. I screamed to the girl I was with to call the police and she said: 'What's the number?'

Nominate your most romantic spot

My bedroom.

What was the last film you saw and where?

The Merry Widow, Ernst Lubitsch version, in my private

cinema at home.

Where did you last eat out, who with and why?

At Cibo in Russell Gardens with Miss Vanessa Perry because it's rather jolly.

Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

I understand Anthony Worrall-Thompson has banned me from various restaurants he owns. I once wrote of him: 'His cooking is so heavy, if he had been the chef on the Titanic it would have sunk long before it hit the iceberg.' He shouldn't join if he can't take a joke.

Have you ever seen anyone famous on the streets?

Yes, me, when I look at reflections in shop windows.

What would you change about London?

Chuck out half the population, pull down every building put up since 1945 and turn the space into parkland, limit use of cars to one-quarter of the remaining people, the quarter, of course, to include me.

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