Fashions come and fashions go. Who's to say that glam-rock style, the epitome of tongue-in-chic this week, won't be confined to the dustbin of fashion history by the next? So, why commit yourself, when cosmetic technology can provide Geri Spice with the kind of flexibility David Bowie would have killed for. In a canny acknowledgement of its own transience, fashion has a solution in the shape of brush-in, wash-out glam rock locks - mascara for hair.

Shades are brazenly unquiet: cobalt blue, paprika red. Go the whole hog and wear all seven at once - or just smear some on your eyebrows for that authentic Seventies, person-who-fell-to-earth look. Called Mascara Flash, it's the brainwave of Christian Dior, perhaps reflecting the dawn of Galliano's outre influence. "The Spice Girls look is very now and very influential for the young generation," says Dior's Sophie Peter. "Older women can now be Spice Girls for a day."

Mascara Flash, from department stores from 19 June.