PICTURE QUESTION: If an ordinary bacterium was the size of a newborn mouse, would this giant sulphur-eater be a lion, a whale or the Isle of Wight by comparison?


1. Which BBC reporter was accused of pro-Serb bias?

2. How did a cough carry off Alan Rashid?

3. Schoolchildren walked out of an "X-rated" stage production of the work of which writer?

4. Who took a black cab to No 10 in lieu of a limo?

5. According to a survey, what do one in four women now prefer to sex?

6. Which job did Michael O'Neill quit after only one day?

7. Where did Ghauri and Agni explode on to the scene?

8. Who were told to dress more adventurously and drive sports cars in order to attract the girls?

9. What did Prince Charles say he was called by the Australians when he was 16?

10. Who is the odd one out: the Marlboro Man, the Jolly Green Giant or Ronald McDonald?

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PICTURE QUESTION: A whale. 1. John Simpson - by the Government. 2. A juror's cough drowned out the "not" in the "not guilty" verdict delivered in his favour, leaving him facing a two-year prison sentence before the mistake was realised. 3. William Shakespeare (A Midsummer Night's Dream). 4. President-elect of the European Commission, Romano Prodi. 5. Gardening. 6. He was chief executive of Barclays Bank. 7. In Pakistan and India respectively, where they were missiles being tested. 8. Female physics teachers, in order to attract more female students to the subject . 9. A "pommie bastard". 10. The Jolly Green Giant - who narrowly lost out being voted one of the advertising icons of the century.