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PICTURE QUESTION: pounds 1m cash. How could it take eternity for this to be yours? AFP

1. Whose personal possessions are to be auctioned, including 400 books, a TV set and a full-length, sequined happy-birthday suit?

2. Why are researchers looking for Mokele-Mbembe in the swamps of the Congo?

3. Why did Sainsbury's sack more than 1,000 staff?

4. What links the Duke and Duchess of York, Paul and Sheryl Gascoigne and James Major and Emma Noble?

5. Where can one find an oil drum and a washing-machine, but not a trace of oil or water?

6. Who donated pounds 3bn to charity?

7. Where would you be shopping if Miss Boo sold you a dress?

8. What have young men been warned is damaged by smoking?

9. Why is 16-year-old Dan Holder, recently signed by Gloucestershire, different from any other professional cricketer?

10. According to new research, what is the healthiest way to eat vegetables?

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