PICTURE QUESTION: As a Lenin lookalike celebrated New Year, what did Russian nationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky propose to help solve his country's problems?

1. What links Peacehaven on the Sussex coast with Withernsea just north of the Humber?

2. Who is claiming pounds 145m compensation for racist and sexist remarks?

3. How much money does former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev say he has after his much-publicised advertising work and book deals?

4. For what cause did the Prince of Wales donate pounds 450,000?

5. How did male chauvinist pigs get the better of a talking pig?

6. Why was psychology student Joe Blackwood's petition to the Guinness Book of Records in vain?

7. Who stuck the knife into genetically modified food?

8. Why will we be reading the Sun newspaper and The Bible as Tony Blair looks on in the year 3000?

9. The society of which profession has hired a PR company to do its members justice?

10. Which ancient mariners can fly?

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PICTURE QUESTION: State-sponsored sex. 1. They will be at either end of the Meridian Line on new Explorer maps to help people planning millennium parties. 2. The estate of late US president Richard Nixon for tapes seized by Congress containing derogatory remarks about women and minorities. 3. None at all. 4. The preservation of a beauty spot in north Wales from being quarried. 5. Men Behaving Badly was Christmas Day's most watched TV programme. The film Babe came 10th. 6. He claimed to be the world's most handsome man. 7. Raymond Blanc and 18 other top chefs, who have banned the vegetables from their kitchens. 8. Those two publications and a photo of Tony Blair were the three most popular contents suggested for a millennium time capsule. 9. Lawyers. 10. Certain sea birds, such as the Fulmar, which new research shows can live for up to 100 years.