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PICTURE QUESTION: While the Thais propitiate Garuda, why have the bird god's fellows taken umbrage with the Millennium Dome?

1. Virgin Rail, McDonald's, boxer Herbie Hide and natural gas - which is the odd one out?

2. Who got the first televised sum of 1999 wrong?

3. Which sex symbol's sexuality was questioned?

4. Why is a dog's life a happier one?

5. How did US warplanes take no wickets from an over?

6. What do Bill Gates, Cambridge University and Saudi suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden have in common?

7. Which football star transferred to another's books for pounds 2 million?

8. Why is Johnny a lucky boy at breakfast time?

9. Who does Rachel Hunter no longer find sexy?

10. Which goods has Cuban President Fidel Castro allegedly managed to export despite the US embargo?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Three nesting pairs of rare black redstarts threaten to halt work on the Dome. 1. Natural gas: while known gas reserves increased to the point where they could provide the world's power for the next 70 years, a Virgin train ran out of petrol, McDonalds out of Big Macs, and Mr Hide reportedly out of money, as he was declared bankrupt. 2. Carol Vorderman on Countdown. 3. Samantha Fox after she attended a lesbian pageant. 4. Researchers have just created meat-flavoured Clomiclan, the first anti-depressant for dogs. 5. By firing missiles at Iraqi warplanes, all of which missed. 6. All are billionaires. 7. Fever Pitch author Nick Hornby, who signed for Penguin. 8. Jenny McCarthy, voted sexiest woman in the world, is to stand in as co-presenter of The Big Breakfast with Johnny Vaughan. 9. Her husband Rod Stewart, whom she is leaving. 10. Illegal drugs.